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in Rennes

Discover the Breton capital! During your stay in Rennes, discover all that makes the charm of this multi-faceted city.

Rennes, a cultural city

A student city, and therefore very dynamic, Rennes gives prominence to culture in every shape and form.
Concerts, festivals and theatrical performances are rife in the Breton capital.The Transmusicales music festival which takes place every year at the start of December is the defining moment of the cultural and musical activity in the city.

Monuments to see

Wander around in Rennes and discover the lovely monuments which punctuate the city.Walk through the Place de la Mairie and the Place du Parlement, and discover especially the Palais du Parlement, a defining symbol of Rennes which was entirely renovated after the fire of 1994.
Head to the Place des Lices and admire the beautiful and typical timber-frame houses.Continue your route through the narrow cobblestone Rue Saint-Michel and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city.
The Place de Bretagne, as well as the banks of the river Vilaine, are also worth seeing and appreciating during your stay in Rennes.

Various activities

A multitude of activities are on offer during your stay in Rennes: cinema, bowling, swimming, Laser-game, paintball... Among friends, in a family or among colleagues, have fun and forget all your troubles! Rennes, it’s the people of Rennes who speak of it best!